Pew Sheets

Please remember that the liturgical year starts at the beginning of Advent

Latest Pew Sheet - 2019-06-02
Our Latest Pew Sheet

Below you can see links to pdf versions of all our pew sheets going back over the last few years. Click on the links to view the files and then you can download them if your like.  Please note that the page order is not as you might expect. (This is so that the pages can be printed out in booklet form ‘back to back’ on both sides of the A4 page and then folded.) Most of the early Pew Sheets only had black and white images, but more recent examples are in colour.

St Peter's Cross Keys

Don’t be put off my the ‘min’ in the file name. This simply means that the pdf file had been minimised so that it takes up less space on the file server, and that it will download faster


St Peter's Cross Keys


St Peter's Cross Keys


St Peter's Cross Keys
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