Pandemic to Powercut

As if the Pandemic wasn’t enough to have to put up with, Storm Arwen blew in on Friday evening and caused chaos in High Newton and Field Broughton. The power went off and remained off in some cases for well over a week! No electricity, of course, meant the boiler did not come on. The prospect of a freezing church was not appealing. The junior churchwarden was all for calling the whole thing off, but the Dunkirk spirit of the senior warden, with his ever optimistic family rallying round, meant that the show had to go on.

The church, although cold, was very welcoming in candle light. Those who turned up were sensibly well wrapped up. Thermoses were filled so that coffee could be served as normal.

The organ was pumped by Ali Hibbert (gold star awarded) so John Shippen could accompany the hymns with his usual expertise. The archdeacon, Vernon Ross, never batted an eyelid and handled the LED portable floodlight with aplomb as he read the Gospel to us. Other readers found this less easy! (It was amazing that the numerous floodlights had held sufficient charge to last throughout the service. They had not been charged up for over 6 months.)

Storm Arwen caused some damage to the church, but considering the severity of the storm and the number of trees down in the vicinity, we have not come off too badly.

The War Memorial Window looked especially beautiful in the candle light.

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