Quarterly Community News

Note on file compression: The .pdf files below have been compressed online. I have used one or other of these two sites. Follow the links if you are interested in this. Sometimes dramatic savings are made… wecompress.com and pdfcompressor.com

Below you can see links to pdf versions of the St Peter’s inserts to the Quarterly Community News. These are published in February, May, August and November each year. (Please note the page numbering. The pages are arranged so that they can be fitted in as the central pages in the News – which usually has about 44 pages. These pdf files can be printed (flipping on short side) ‘back to back’ on both sides of the A4 page and then folded.) The most recent editions are at the top of the list.

Since the QCN is published in black and white, some the images in these pdfs have been converted to ‘greyscale’ to reduce the size of the file. You will often find colour versions of the photographs on the corresponding pages of our blog (the ‘News’ link in the menu).

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