All Souls Service Oct 2021

For a number of years now at St Peter’s we have added an element to our normal Sunday service which falls nearest to All Sants’ Day. We have created a special moment during the service when members of the congregation can come forward and light a candle in memory of a loved one who has died. It is a simple but poignant act of remembrance. Although there are some tears shed and there is sadness, our emphasis is on celebration and treasuring happy memories…

All Souls’ Day: In the Anglican Communion, All Souls’ Day is known liturgically as the Commemoration of All Faithful Departed, and is an optional observance seen as an extension of All Saints’ Day, the latter of which marks the second day of Allhallowtide. Historically and at present, several Anglican churches are dedicated to All Souls. During the English Reformation, the observance of All Souls’ Day lapsed, although a new Anglican theological understanding of the day has led to a widespread acceptance of this commemoration among Anglicans. It is a time when we particularly remember those who have died. The prayers appointed for that day remind us that we are joined with the Communion of Saints, that great group of Christians who have finished their earthly life and with who we share the hope of resurrection from the dead.

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