Day: 2 January 2022

Magi’s Arrival

Magi’s Arrival Arrival of the Magi

At last the Magi (Three Wise Men) make it to the crib! “A cold coming we had of it,Just the worst time of the yearFor a journey, and such a long journey:The ways deep and the weather sharp,The very dead of winter.” (T S Eliot) The poem, written shortly after Eliot’s 1927 conversion to Christianity, […]


Epiphany The Magi

The Magi are making their way to the crib – you might have expected them to have arrived by today… but this year there is a bit of a delay!… Sunday 2nd January 2022 was when most churches probably celebrated Epiphany. However, at St Peter’s we decided that we would hold on until the 9th. […]

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